Heavy Cleaning

Heavy Cleaning Services

Hand Scrubbing CounterFor a deep clean that goes beyond a routine cleaning, the heavy duty service is the ultimate option. When you don’t have the time to perform a deep clean, leave it to the experts. Our professional cleaning crew knows that a dirty house will only get worse, and can be damaging to your health and overall well-being. Our innovative and meticulous maid service performs an extensive, thorough cleaning process. We are committed to providing an intense cleanse around the entire home, disinfecting every region. No heavy duty job is too challenging. We vacuum furniture, wash windows, clean cobwebs from hard-to-reach corners, and even sweep garages. Some of the most gritty deep clean services include scrubbing appliances, washing baseboards and bathroom fixtures. When we’re finished, your home will glisten and be revived. Make sure you ask about our current promotions and free estimate for heavy duty services!

Our extensive heavy duty cleaning service includes:

Dust/Wash Blinds

Dusting or washing your blinds takes patience. Our pool of professional house cleaners are trained to take this on with ease and precision. Our attention to detail keeps our customers happy and satisfied.

Interior of Major Appliances

Different appliances require different cleaning methods. We’ve mastered the art of cleaning appliances and take pride in our meticulous execution. Your appliance will shine again!

Murphy Oil Woodwork

When it comes to cleaning woodwork, our professional cleaning crew relies on Murphy Oil Soap to do the job. This liquid cleaner has been a household name for years now because of its timeless formula and cleaning capacity. This keeps your wood clean and smelling fresh.

Vacuum Furniture

We keep your furniture dust and dirt free using our vacuum cleaner. We vacuum using our extension tubes, so we clean every inch of your furniture.

Clean Wall Hangings

When was the last time you have cleaned that family picture hanging on the wall? You may not have noticed, but dust and mites accumulate here more than you would think. We provide an intricate cleaning to your wall hanging and the wall behind it as well.


Cobwebs don’t have any role in the corners, on walls, ceiling or anywhere, really. We’ll eliminate those cobwebs immediately.

Dust/Wash Baseboards

We dust, wet wipe and wash all of the baseboards in your home. Moreover, we use the best practices to keep dust from settling on the clean surface.

Polish Silver/Brass

We keep your silver or brass gleaming and sparkling as we polish and keep them from tarnishing.


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